Blue Mud Mask

The Wild Origins collection of face muds are inspired by the naturally therapeutic properties of mud around mineral springs in Hungary.

The Blue Mud is made of kaolin clay, butterfly pea powder, honey, and witch hazel. Honey fades scars, cleans out pores, and gently exfoliates and smoothes skin with enzymes. Clay helps with oiliness and to shrink pores. Butterfly pea flower increases collagen and elasticity in cells, decreases inflammation, and is soothing.


How to Use

This mask is the most “drying” of all four masks so be sure only to wear it for 3-10 minutes and follow its use with an oil. The high clay content of the mask may cause temporary redness from over-drying if it is left on the face too long. You only want to remove excess oil, not the oil that is necessary to maintain the integrity of your skin as an environmental barrier.



Comes in a 1 oz glass jar with metal lid. It comes ready to be used and can be rewet with water if necessary.



kaolin clay, organic hibiscus powder, organic honey powder (organic honey, maltodextrin), witch hazel extract