Tablet Time 3-Month Cleaning Bundle

By now, you probably already know that we love tablets, around the house + in our daily care routines! Their package-free nature makes for one heckuva sustainable swap + honestly? They work just as well, if not better, than their traditional counterparts, putting them solidly in our “big win for the planet” column! We wish eeeeveryone would give them a shot, which is why this weekend, we’ve got it majorly good bundle for you, available in the shop + here, online! From 8/4/23-8/8/23, put it on OUR tab + give package-free a chance by bundling + saving. 

You’ll receive 3 months of concentrated cleaners in tab/pod form:

  • 10 toilet cleaning tablets
  • 50 dishwasher detergent Dropps
  • 50 laundry detergent Dropps

For only $48 (you save $10!). Limited time availability!

NOTE: 3 months cleaning timeline based on national averages of 4 loads of laundry + dishes/week, cleaning toilets every 1.5 weeks!

Packaging + Materials

50 dish Dropps, 50 laundry Dropps, and 10 toilet tabs will be packaged together in one of our repurposed shipping boxes. Upon arrival, transfer to an airtight, waterproof container to keep them safe!