Sweet Salve-ation Triple-Whipped Skin Salve eFill

Hydrated, smooth skin - that’s the dream, right?! But dry winter air, that’s the stuff of skin nightmares. When skin needs a little extra love, our top pick is a plant oil salve that can soak deeply into skin, softening and reinforcing our moisture barrier!

This triple-whipped salve is packed with healing plant oils to repair even the driest skin, penetrating skin’s layers and infusing moisture + softness! Features hemp seed oil infused with soothing calendula + lavender, ultra-hydrating raw shea butter + raw mango butter, and nourishing, vitamin E+K-picked organic olive oil! All of these powerful plant oils are blended and whipped together three separate times throughout the process, resulting in a smooth, fluffy salve!

How to Use

Apply as often as needed to dry, cracked, or chapped skin - a little goes a long way, so start with a small dab and gently massage into skin!


1oz of salve in a recyclable and refillable 1oz aluminum tin