PREORDER Lookin Sharp Razor Bundle

Gifting is hard, gifting with less waste can be even harder. We want to help! We spent a lot of time over the past couple of months thinking about how we can support you in finding sustainable presents that are easy, useful, thoughtful, and - of course - fun! 

These pre-ordered bundles will ship out, or be available for curbside pick-up, on Wednesday, 12/7! Each bundle is 20-25% off the regular price, and there are limited quantities of each set, so hurry - last year’s went fast! 

Sustainable Shave Bundle:

A good safety razor (and all of the accessories!) is a great investment for your wallet + the planet, allowing you to ditch pricey disposal razors + refill cartridges for something that LASTS + can be reused over + over again! 

Options: pink, rose gold, mint, or neutral

  • Safety Razor: sturdy, perfectly balanced, and easy-to-use
  • 100-Blade Refill Pack: 2+ years of shaves!
  • Recyclable Blade Safe: store used blades + recycle when full
  • Safety Razor Tips + Tricks Card