Peppermint Plant Mist

By popular request, we’re excited to share a new Koko blend - plant lovers, this one is for you…

Peppermint Plant Mist! With a neem oil + castile soap base, this peppermint scented spray will rid your plant babies (indoor and outdoor) of pesky pests + fungis that prevent them from thriving!

  • Removes and prevents pest infestations and fungal infections from plants with natural ingredients that are safe for your plants, your home, and you!
  • Easy-to-use, pre-mixed blend that even those with the blackest of thumbs can use to keep plants happy + healthy!
  • Comes in a beautiful, planet-lovin’ reusable and refillable 16oz amber glass spray bottle


  • Neem oil: Neem oil is a natural, plant-based extract made from the seeds of the neem tree and has a wide range of centuries-old uses for beauty, wellness, and gardening. What makes it the perfect plant spray component? Neem seeds naturally contain Azadirachtin, a substance pests hate - when they come into contact with it, some insects lose the instinct to feed and cannot eat, while others cannot lay eggs or reproduce. It’s believed that more than 400 bug species don’t like neem oil!
  • Even better, in addition to being a natural insecticide, it also functions as a fungicide to control bacterial and fungal diseases on plants, and can get rid of spores and larva in soil.
  • Castile Soap: Another natural insecticide, our castile is as natural as it comes - just saponified olive oil (olive oil made into soap)! It coats your plants to rid them of plants, but is gentle enough to leave the plant itself unharmed, unlike the dish soaps some recipes use. It also serves a very important purpose in our spray: Neem oil does not dissolve in the water by itself and will float on the water surface. The castile soap emulsifies into water, bonding with the neem oil and distributing the molecules evenly.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Yet another pest preventer! Bugs really don’t like the strong odor of peppermint, so it works as a natural deterrent! It also masks the smell of our organic, cold-pressed Neem, which in its natural form has an earthy smell that, while not unpleasant necessarily, isn’t something we’d want to overpower our living areas!

How To Use

As a treatment spray for an infestation, spray plants (don’t forget the underside of your leaves!) 1x per day, once every 6-7 days. Spray in the morning or the evening (after, not before, watering) for best results. Repeat until you no longer see signs of infestation or the health of your plant leaves have visibly improved.

As a preventative spray, spray plants, soil + roots every 1.5-2 weeks! 

Shake mist vigorously before every use, and store in a cool dark area out of direct sunlight. If you get the spray on your hands, wash them immediately after, as some people do experience skin irritation from neem oil!  

Packaging + Materials

16oz of neem spray in a reusable and refillable 16oz amber glass bottle with reusable spray cap