Orange Floral Beeswax Wrap 3-Pack

Beeswax wraps are an all-natural, reusable + eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap and plastic baggies in the kitchen!

The average person uses over 2000 square feet of plastic every year. With these pretty floral beeswax wraps, you can reduce that number AND keep your food fresh for longer! They’re better for the planet, and for your wallet because they reduce food waste + you can use them over and over again: win-win!

Set includes 3 wraps:

  • One 6"x6" wrap: for jars and cans
  • One 9"x9" wrap: for bowls, snacks + sandwiches
  • One 11"x11" wrap: for sandwiches, bread + large bowls/casserole dishes 

How To Use
Place the wax wrap over your container and use the pressure and heat from your palms to create a seal around it, OR place your item to be wrapped in the middle of your wrap, fold it, and use the heat from your hands to press + seal it closed.

How to Clean

Hand wash with cool, soapy water and natural dish soap if needed. Do not heat. Well-kept wraps last 1+ year!

beeswax, cotton fabric, pine tree resin, and coconut oil

Packaging + Materials
3 various sized beeswax wraps in a paper band wrap