Reusable Liners

Seriously the CUTEST reusable liners in town. Perfect as a back up to your Hello Cup or for everyday use to replace single-use panty liners. Included in the 3-pack:

1 Blush Hello Liner, 1 Turquoise Hello Liner, 1 Navy Hello Liner

About these liners:

  • They hold two tablespoons of fluid.
  • The top layer, printed in Hello's signature floral design, is made from 100% organic Indian cotton. This cotton layer gives natural wicking, breathability and easy care.
  • Beneath the top layer is the absorbent bit – it’s made from 100% organic bamboo fleece which locks away fluid.
  • The third layer is waterproof - this ensures what’s locked away in the core stays there and doesn’t break free to ruin your day.
  • Hello Liners are backed with another layer of 100% Indian organic cotton
  • Hello Liners have two fastening domes on the wings and can be folded into a small square when not in use.
  • Hello Liners are handmade with love in an organic, fair-trade, family-run factory in India.


  • We recommend washing your Hello Liners in cold water in the machine or by hand and then line drying or drying in the machine without heat.
  • The floral side is worn facing upwards (so you get to see its cuteness).
  • Reusable liners do not contain adhesive like single-use ones. To prevent them moving around, wearing cotton underwear is recommended.