Reusable Cleaner Cloth

The Echoview Fiber Miller Cleaner Cloth is a reusable, water-only, all-purpose cleaning cloth that can be used to dust shelves, clean mirrors, remove smudges from eyeglasses and electronics, clean counters, and make your bathroom sink sparkle. The microfiber structure of the cloth works to remove dirt, dust, and smudges without the need of a cleaning solution.

Materials + Dimensions:
Made in the USA from polyester and nylon | 16" X 16”

How To Use:

  1. Wet the Cleaner Cloth completely in water.

  2. Wring out all excess water by twisting the cloth until it is light grey.

  3. Use the cloth directly on the surface you wish to clean, applying pressure in tough areas. Don’t worry about air droplets, allow to air dry.

  4. Rinse the cloth in water to remove any dirt, and repeat steps 2 & 3 until finished.

For best results, we don’t suggest the use of cleaner cloth on stove tops or other areas of the home with oil of grease. When a full cleaning of the cloth is required, the cleaner cloth can be washed in the washing machine and allowed to air dry.