Refill Cleaning Starter Kit

This Refill Cleaning Starter Kit from Nature Bee is the perfect way to transition or continue your sustainable cleaning efforts! A beautifully packaged box of concentrated tablets of all-purpose cleaner and hand soaps, and beautiful reusable glass bottles to mix them in - all you have to do is add water! The goal of this kit is to get you up + running with refillable, sustainable cleaning supplies so that when you run out, all you need to purchase is the tablet refills - saving money and reducing carbon emissions and plastic waste along the way!

This kit includes:

  • 1 Honey Clementine Foaming Hand Soap Tablet
  • 1 Vanilla Coconut Foaming Hand Soap Tablet
  • 1 Sweet Citrus Multipurpose Spray tablet
  • 2 Glass soap dispensers
  • 1 Glass spray bottle

Additional Deets

Made in Canada