Countertop Composter Filters 6-Pack

Part of what makes the Bamboozle compost bin so great is the filter that is placed in the lid, ensuring no odors escape your composter! And guess what?! They’ve received an upgrade: each filter is made from hemp that still has all of the smell-reducing + odor-blocking features as before, but they’re now 100% compostable + biodegradable, meaning you can drop the filter right in with your compost scraps when it is time to replace it! 

  • comes with 6 hemp compost filters and each filter lasts about 2 months before it needs to be replaced, meaning each pack lasts you ~ 1 year!
  • in addition to all the other smart features of the Bamboozle composter, these filters keep odors locked into your beautiful + functional countertop compost bin
  • dishwasher safe - when you wash out your bin, pop your filter into your dishwasher to clear odors + keep that filter, well, filterin’ for as long as possible!
  • made of 100% compostable and biodegradable hemp 

How To Use
Place your hemp filter into the designated space in the lid of your compost bin. Each filter lasts ~2 months before needing to be replaced. Filters are dishwasher safe. Place used filter directly into your compost bin when it needs to be replaced. 

Packaging + Materials
A pack of 6 help compost filters for your Bamboozle compost bin, packaged in a compostable or recyclable Kraft paper band