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our why

here's what's on the refillery bar in each shop today:

we believe:

sustainability is for everyone

We want to provide resources and products that will help ALL humans. Accessibility and inclusivity are non-negotiables.

sustainability shouldn’t be boring

We actively seek brands and makers who make sustainability FUN! Color? Check. Patterns? Check. Cheeky how-to’s? Check, check! Eco-friendly and personality are not mutually exclusive.

sustainability isn’t one size fits all

This one is important. Less waste is the goal, but the journey will look different for everyone. Do what you can, with the information and resources you have.

sustainability is approachable

We are always learning, questioning, and sharing, and we want you to do the same. We’re here for you – talk to us!

meet our chief planet lover

Adria Hall is the owner and founder of Koko. This adventure is the result of combining almost ten years of corporate retail and brand experience work with a lifelong love of sustainability (inspired by her mama!) and an entrepreneurial spirit. Adria is a community-builder, educator, storyteller, planet-lover, and leader of a crew of humans working to create a world where there is less waste and more fun.

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