This body wash from Bathing Culture is a game-changer! Concentrated formula (almost like castile soap) - a little goes a long way! 8oz = 80+ showers, so just a dab will do ya! Made with care in California, this woodsy-scented, skin-nourishing formula is certified organic, biodegradable, and plant-based. 

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Carbon-neutral
  • Zero fillers or unnecessary, unnatural ingredients 

We also carry this in bulk at our refilleries so you can refill again + again! 

Packaging + Materials
16oz in a rainbow glass pump bottle

Organic coconut oilOrganic olive oilOrganic sunflower oilNatural plant glycerin (soy bean)Aloe veraShea butterGuar beanCitric acid& Essential oils.