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Koko Bamboo Jersey Reusable Wipes


Replace disposable wipes for GOOD with these bamboo jersey wipes. Bamboo is a luxuriously soft fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, absorbent and quick-drying. But why we REALLY love it? Bamboo is a quick-growing, versatile, non-timber forest product whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed by any other plants. To translate, that means that in comparison with the majority of other trees and plants from which we harvest valuable fibers, bamboo grows back more quickly than any of them. Talk about an overachiever! These wipes are 2-ply for maximum absorbency, sewn together with organic cotton thread.


This set includes 6 reusable wipes.


Snag a set of our Produce Bags and stash your wipes in onewhen you wash to ensure they don't stick together!

These are handmade with love in Ohio by our favorite local seamstress!