From kitchen to bath and everywhere in between, Humble Suds All-Purpose Cleaner safely and effectively cleans your home, leaving it fresh and pristine. Since it’s 100% free of harmful chemicals, you can be sure there won’t be any harmful residues or fumes left behind. Pure steam-distilled certified organic essential oils boost your mood, purify your air and have shown to have incredible cleaning powers. 

How To Use
Spray liberally, let set 30 seconds and wipe. For tougher jobs, let stand up to 10 minutes before wiping. Not recommended for unsealed surfaces. Always test on a small spot prior to first use. 

Packaging + Materials
This handy 2oz glass bottle fills one 32oz bottle, or two 16oz bottles. Just add water (preferably distilled) and shake! Buying in concentrate form decreases shipping weight and carbon emissions!

Distilled water, Natural grain alcohol, Castile soap [organic saponified oils (coconut, olive, jojoba), rosemary extract, organic aloe vera], organic essential oils (grapefruit/lemon or tea tree/lavender or grapefruit/lemon).