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Everyday Life Koko Crew

Plastic Free On-The-Go Travel Essentials

We’re officially 20 days into Plastic Free July. Research says it takes 21 days to form a good habit. So how’s it going?!  Going completely plastic-free is impossible, and even making #tinychanges to create incremental improvement is hard AF. We find it A LOT easier when we have a few of our favorite sustainable items always on-hand: a tote bag, reusable water bottles and mugs, straws, etc. These are the items we try to never ever leave home without—we keep extras in our car, purse, bookbag, and office drawer at work. They’re the first things we reach for when packing our carry-on bags.  This week, we challenge you to choose one (or two!) reusable accessories and keep them within reach when you need them. Because if you always have your straw and cutlery set on you, you won’t need the single-use plastic as you nosh on your late lunch or when you’re traveling. If you keep your reusable bags in your bag/purse, you can refuse plastic produce and grocery bags. If your metal straw is at the ready in your car, you can say “no thank you!” to plastic straws at the drive-through.  And that’s a beautiful thing! On-The-Go Travel Essentials Phone, keys, wallet, lip balm, sunglasses...✅ Beyond these necessities, we asked a few Koko employees to share their on-the-go travel essentials they never leave behind!